Submitting a Plan to International Venture Partners Inc.

We encourage you to submit your business plan to International Venture Partners Inc. At this time we are only able to consider submissions from companies that are located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Before we can evaluate your plan we require that you complete our submission questionnaire and the attachments described below. 

This questionnaire helps us more quickly evaluate the many business plans we receive. The questionnaire and supporting documents should be submitted via email to:

Your business plan will be held until we receive a completed questionnaire. We first review the questionnaire, then your business plan. 

Completing the Questionnaire

You can either complete the questionnaire online by clicking here or you can download a copy of the questionnaire in Microsoft Word® format by clicking here (rtf/txt).

We understand that some questions may not be relevant to your venture, in which case, note them as not relevant (i.e., NA). We fully expect that some questions will be premature for your venture, in which case respond either to-be-determined (i.e., NA) or state the direction you expect to take.

Please limit your response to the space provided.

You will hear back from us. For us to actively pursue an investment, the venture must fit within our broad requirements and must spark the interest of one of our members.

You can expect one of four responses:

  1. We wish to investigate your venture further and will get back to you when we have completed further analysis.

  2. While we had a favorable reaction to your venture, further action cannot be taken until one of our members decides to investigate it further. You should update us on substantive changes and progress, but there is not "someone to talk to" to lobby for a change in status.

  3. You need to complete our questionnaire before we will consider your plan. 

In addition to the questionnaire we need the following documents:
These documents can be in Microsoft PowerPoint® or Microsoft Word format:

  1. One page listing your current management team (or expected hire date) including name, telephone number, email address, two lines of background, and two references with telephone numbers for each executive. 

  2. One page listing your Board of Directors, Law Firm, Accounting Firm, and Advisory Committee including telephone numbers, business title, and business addresses. 

  3. One page listing any current strategic relationships such as strategic customers or beta sites, corporate relationships or agreements, strategic investors, etc. including contact name, business title and business address. 

  4. One page showing your current capitalization table as is and fully diluted. Note founders and list all investors or employees with more than 1% ownership.

  5. Five presentation slide pages (i.e., few words) Each page dealing with one of the following aspects of your new venture., but remember to keep each page limited to four or five key, short points.

  • Your Concept

  • The Market

  • The Customer Benefit

  • Your Management Team

  • Your Competitive Advantage

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