Founded in 2000 as a private placement and venture capital firm, International Venture Partners Inc. is looking for truly innovative ventures in major new areas of opportunity.

We position ourselves to find these ventures by thinking strategically, maintaining relationships with creative people, and listening carefully to new ideas.

Following an initial venture in a promising new area, we seek related investments to leverage our market knowledge and relationships. Emerging markets in which International Venture Partners Inc. has enjoyed early successes include e-commerce, wireless communications, unified voice messaging, interactive multimedia and biotechnology.

Investment Criteria

Many factors enter into International Venture Partners Inc.' investment decisions, but three critical ingredients must be present:

  • Qualified and determined people with whom we can build productive partnerships

  • Evolving market opportunities with significant potential for growth

  • Ambitious programs to secure defensible market leadership

Most often International Venture Partners Inc. initially invests at the seed or first stages of ventures. Later-stage investments are considered in areas of strategic interest. Our total investment per company is typically in the range of $250,000 to $2,500,000.

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