What is venture capital?

Venture capital is equity based financing for private companies, usually provided by experienced, professional fund managers, who take an active interest in the affairs of the venture. The recipients of venture capital are usually entrepreneurial companies with limited access to bank debt and insufficient size and maturity to secure funds from public markets.

How do I obtain venture capital from International Venture Partners Inc.?

Telephone or e-mail one of our principals. We prefer a business plan or similar outline of the venture to assist us to understand the opportunity.

Does International Venture Partners Inc. charge fees?

There are no fees associated with our assessment of potential investments.

Does International Venture Partners Inc. seek control?

We usually have a meaningful minority equity position commensurate with a fair valuation and one seat on the Board. In circumstances where the fund has a stake of more than 50%, for example in a management buyout, we will normally have only one Board seat. We do not become involved in operations and expect management to control the company. We expect to attend monthly Board meetings and participate in major decisions undertaken by the venture.

What should the business plan contain?

  • History of the company and detailed CVs with
    references for key personnel;

  • Description of products or services;

  • The opportunity for wealth creation;

  • Strategies for capturing the opportunity;

  • Analysis of strategic position in key markets with competitors;

  • Plans for product development, generation of
    intellectual property;

  • Strategy for production and distribution;

  • Historical and projected financials including
    cash flow statements.

How long will our process take?

We feel that anyone entering an equity partnership should take about 3 months to ensure they are comfortable with the other partner(s). We prefer to take at least 6-8 weeks but our process can be accelerated in special circumstances.

What are the minimum and maximum investments?

Our usual commitment is in the $250,000 to $2,500,000 range. Although we can directly commit up to $2,500,000, we may be able to arrange larger amounts from our institutional investors or others.

Does International Venture Partners Inc. invest in start-ups or early stage companies?

We will consider companies that have revenues of less than $2 million as long as they have committed customers and the prospect of achieving profitability within 12 months.

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